Welcome To Treacle Technologies
Who are we?
We are a Cyber Security startup incubated at FIRST, IIT Kanpur under the IHub programme with a focus on Defensive Security. We have expertise in developing solutions like Deception Technology, Custom Honeypot Development, Network Intrusion Detection Systems, Host-Based Intrusion Detection Systems, Insider Threat Detection Systems, OT Network Security Systems, and many more. We have a team of dedicated, young, and experienced professionals along with top-level technical advisors to create innovative and novel cyber security solutions.
Our Aim:
To improve the cybersecurity infrastructure of the country by helping private and government organizations secure their network infrastructure by using solutions backed by solid and strong research.
High-Quality Service
Top-class service quality for our clients is the most important quality we focus on.
Effective Protection
With our innovative cyber security solutions, your IT/OT network would be protected. In case of any incident, our response would be the first and effective to protect your systems.
Why choose us ?
With this rapid growth in the digital era, cyber security is one of the most important topics on which organizations must focus to protect their systems from attackers. Cyber Security is a very important problem in this continuously evolving digital world. As people are connecting their devices to the internet, organizations are connecting their networks for internet access, they are risking themselves getting attacked by malicious actors who can harm their networks and do damage to the same. Any organization that has an IT/OT Network is susceptible to facing threats from attackers, be it, insider or an outsider.​ Organizations face damage to brand reputation, revenue loss, loss of intellectual property, etc.​ Government organizations can face loss of critical data which can result in a national security threat.​Deception is a layer of security that helps the organization to protect itself from imminent threats. Our first priority is protecting our client’s assets for which they put their trust in us. Using a combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence, our novel and innovative systems make the job easier for us.
Our Expertise & Services
Deception Technology Solution:

No security solution can stop all attacks from occurring on a network. Deception Technology helps to give attackers a false sense of security by making them believe they have gained a foothold on your network. Treacle Technologies delivers a high-end solution for deception technologies for IT/OT infrastructure. Our deception product can be integrated with your in-house SIEM solution with a live reporting dashboard. We are also developing our own SIEM solution that provides a live reporting dashboard involving Deception, Network Security, Endpoint Security, and many more such features that helps make your infrastructure secure.

Orchestration Engine Solution:

Orchestration Engine provides a mechanism to engage the attackers for a much larger period of time by orchestrating the deployment of Honeypots according to attacker behavior. We use Machine Learning techniques to develop our solution. Also, if integrated with IDS and Malware Analysis systems, Deception Technology solutions can be used to protect an organizational network with maximum effort.

Honeypot Development:

Honeypots are decoys that are used to distract malicious actors from the real system. Efficient honeypots must be designed in such a way that it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate them from a real system, hence distracting the attackers for a longer period of time. Our acute honeypot designing techniques make us unique from rest players in this field. After studying the network architecture and services used in the network, we can develop and deploy custom honeypots for your network that would help strengthen your network security.

Network Security:

Apart from Deception Technology, a total network monitoring system with strong policies is required to secure the network. We are developing a solution that will monitor your network for malicious traffic, secure endpoints, and critical nodes in your network. Along with continuous monitoring, there would be a set of strong policies set that will protect your network from an insider as well as external attackers.

Cyber Security Consultation:

We also provide cyber security consultation to organizations interested in securing their infrastructure. We would analyze the whole infrastructure as well as architecture, which might require multiple physical visits to the location. In the end, there would be a report stating the weak points and suggestions to secure your infrastructure.


Subhasis Mukhopadhyay

(Founder and CEO)
Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from MAKAUT(formerly WBUT). Working in the field of Cyber Security for the last 4 years at IIT Kanpur. He has worked in various fields like Malware Analysis, Probabilistic Modelling, Formal Verification, Deception Technology, etc. He has also published papers in reputed international conferences and also got the best paper award with Hitachi Research and Development Private Limited. Currently, he is working in the field of Deception Technology for the last 2.5 years to develop indigenous and scalable solutions.

Prof. Sandeep Shukla

Prof. Sandeep Kumar Shukla is a professor (HAG) of Computer Science and Engineering department of IIT Kanpur (IITK). He headed the department between 2017 and 2020, and was the Poonam & Prabhu Goel Chair Professor between 2016-2019, along with being a joint director of the National Interdisciplinary Centre for Cyber Security & Cyber Defense of Critical Infrastructures (C3i Centre) at IIT Kanpur. He is also a joint director of the National Blockchain Project funded by the PMO. He is a program director of the C3i Hub, a Technology Innovation Hub on Cyber Security created by the DST, Government of India. He completed his Bachelors in CSE at Jadavpur University, Kolkata and his Masters and PhD degrees from the SUNY, Albany.  See more...

Phalguni Mukhopadhyay

Have 24+ years of technical experience in the power and energy sector with 21+ years of experience working in the electronics sector, mainly during the boom of electronics in India.

Subhajit Manna

Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Techno India University. Has first-hand experience working in OT systems that include Automated Control Systems in Tea Gardens for 2 years. Along with that, he also has an additional 1-year experience working as a Technical Advisor in a reputed GPS Device manufacturing company in Kolkata. Currently, he is a Deception Technology Expert working to develop scalable and robust SIEM systems and custom honeypot development.

Partha Das

Have 6+ years of IT experience in several technology in Web Development like Angular, React, NodeJS, Python. Handling Database design for a Enterprise Application.Also working on full-stack technology.

History Of Our Company

Founded in June 2021, after the idea for the product got selected for investment. The main aim behind opening the company is to improve the cyber security infrastructure of the country. Bagged an investment of INR 22 Lakhs from C3iHub for developing a Deception Technology solution. We have also qualified for the prestigous SISFS grant of INR 4 Lakhs by the Goverment of India. Incubated at SIIC, IIT Kanpur since July 2021 under the IHub Programme.


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